eviction notice

Of course as soon as my D&C got scheduled for bright and early tomorrow morning… I started spotting a teeny tiny bit. I texted S that I would keep an eye on my underpants (complete with emojis)

Super creeps, I know.

(And yes, why isn’t there an underpants emoji? Is this something I’m missing out on with android vs. iPhone?)

I’m still going forward with it. Mainly for stupid, stubborn reasons. I already told my boss. It’s too late to cancel. I mean, sure, I’ll tell my doctor tomorrow morning if it turned into a Stephen King movie overnight, but for right now, I have a plan to follow. It’s a new plan, as the last one didn’t work for me (well, the last several didn’t work out) but it’s a plan and I will cling to it with my desperate, sad, infertile claws.


Update tomorrow, possibly heavily medicated!


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