After a hefty night out with coworkers, I got my period on Wednesday. So much for the cycle after a D&C being longer! Mine was 22 days after the D&C.

Which meant we needed to get our act together on the IVF. After both of us talked to the finance person at the IVF office, she’s confident that we’ll be able to do this cycle partially covered with our insurance. Woohoo!  I went in on Friday, armed with my previous records and scans of my HSG (not doing that again, thankyouverymuch) and did Day 3 tests. My follicles are plentiful (23! even more than last summer!) so we’re hopeful we’ll get enough eggs when the time comes. And that means only one egg retrieval, so help me, I hope so.

Unfortunately, the time is not coming for another two months! The probe has to be built and that can take 4-6 weeks. That means we’ll do egg retrieval with my May cycle and transfer in June. Wah. It feels so far away.

crying cry pikachu sad

The upside is that it looks like we’ll be moving next month (YAY) so I can get all nesty before I get all hormoney. Our offer on a condo was accepted last weekend and our inspection was Thursday; all clean. Looks like this might really happen!

I’ve got a friend going through IVF right now who is doing acupuncture, organic, no alcohol, the whole nine yards. I’ve got some health goals (no more drinking ALL THE WHISKEY again, that’s for sure) but I’m trying not to be a total weirdo when these might be my last few months of precious freedom before become a weirdo pregnant person.

freedom 90s retro 1990s oscars

So I’m contemplating… no more drinking? and?? What are changes I can make without having to explain to every single person I know that I’m becoming a weirdo because I very badly want IVF to succeed?


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