it’s on

I finally heard from my doctor today, who says the PGD lab gave the thumbs up, and so we are ON as soon as my period starts.


The Comeback HBO tv dance dancing hbo

I am so excited I can hardly concentrate. I texted my best girlfriends, my sister-in-law, and my mom immediately (oh, and my husband) that “I haven’t been so excited (and terrified) to get my period since I was waiting impatiently for it to come in junior high.”

I know it’s still a long road (but like, an in-town trip that seems longer than it should be; we’re not walking the Great Wall or anything) but I’m jazzed to get started.  The timing is hilarious to me — we’re moving into our condo (box checked!) the same week as we’re starting this process (checking boxes! heh).

I have been reading a lot of Brene Brown lately and her work on hope and joy is so inspiring to me. I even made my husband read several passages on how to feel joy and how feeling joy is being vulnerable. That going down the path of the worst thing that can happen neither allows you to feel joy nor prepares you for a tragedy.

I find that vulnerability of feeling joy so acutely in this process. But today, I am joyful, because we are being given the amazing opportunity to grow our family. My heart is full.


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