the box of needles is prepped

Spoke to the genetic counselor this morning. She basically said 50% of all embryos for someone 30-34 are abnormal (outside of the translocation) + we should assume another 20-30% will have issues related to the translocation. So basically only 20-30% of our embryos will be normal. No pressure, am I right?! We’re also going to have the lab mask the gender so that no one at the office even knows, but they can always give us the info later (in case we have extra good ones and want one of each, etc).
She also mentioned that the genetic breaks are big enough that they should have been detected if my doctor did a test after my D&C — so now I suspect that the last miscarriage was just an unrelated issue which checks out considering how early I lost the others. My ob/gyn did a test after the D&C and said there weren’t trisomies or anything but didn’t know if it would catch the translocation… she wasn’t terribly informed on it, but as you said, most have one question on their boards for it, so we know we’re an edge case. I’m trying to not get toooo worked up about the last one being kind of random — maybe we should have tried naturally longer — but fuck it, we’ve already paid $8K, we’re moving forward.
That’s the uterus update! Tomorrow, I learn to stab myself in the stomach! This weekend, I got my giant box of needles (and some medications), which was not at all terrifying. BOX OF NEEDLES.
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