soundtrack of my mornings

It wasn’t enough to just use the LMFAO “Shots” song every morning, I had to go and make a whole playlist so that I get a little variety in my life. Suggestions welcome.

Also, I’m super thankful to have found where people are very normal and no one is using annoying acronyms. I will never use the other fertility/pregnancy forums again!



2 thoughts on “soundtrack of my mornings

  1. I looked through the reddit fertility communities awhile back, but they are not nearly as active or informed as the Balanced Translocation or IVF with PGD Facebook groups. Yes, people use acronyms, but if you have a question or concern, you have the benefit of an immediate response from people at different points in the journeys. Best wishes!


  2. To clarify, I meant, I will never just randomly google something and expect babycenter or mumsonly (etc) forums to have any sort of useful info. I’m definitely staying active on the BT Yahoo Group and maybe I’ll check out the IVF with PGD Facebook as well. Not that I need anything else to distract me! 😉

    I’d agree that there’s less BT-specific information on the subreddit. For me, it’s been less about information than camaraderie. The reddit folks have done A LOT of IVF, where I feel like there’s some pressure on the BT groups to keep trying naturally. It’s a different approach.


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