Nineteen eggs were retrieved today.

eating 30 rock yay cheering liz lemon

I mean, from 12 follicles? I think my doctor was trying to set my expectations low (I had a feeling but wasn’t trying to get my hopes up).

I’ll get a fertilization report tomorrow, and then every other day. They’ll freeze on days 5 and 6 — was very happy to hear the embryologist is a patient guy who let’s blasts go to day 6 if they need the extra time. I’m hoping that from this 19, that we get at least 6 to blast — then the odds are in our favor for PGS.

Other than that, I feel like rotten garbage after the retrieval.

fire garbage dumpster dumpster fire garbage fire

I had hoped things would get better! My stomach looks like I’m four months pregnant, so that’s fun, and I can barely get off the couch. Maybe I’m taking another day after work after all. I’ll have to find something else to watch on Netflix.

I hope the embryologist picked all the good sperm. We told the BT sperm to play dead, so hopefully it worked.

dead play winner award

Go eggs go!


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