Hiiiiiii! I’m Abby. So far I haven’t been successful in this whole pregnancy thing. For the record and because people will ask, I’m 34, yes, we’ve seen an RE, and my husband has a balanced translocation.

I started this blog in February 2016 during my third miscarriage after getting pregnant naturally. We’re now moving on to IVF because we can, we’re impatient, and we don’t to go insane with more miscarriages. It’s a balance.

I started the blog not to be another place to talk about levels or tests (though I find myself in those corners of the internet often) but to talk about miscarriage, grief, and the uncertainty of infertility in a way I didn’t see often represented. I am truly hopeful that this will happen for us — I want to be a parent and I want to parent with my husband — but I’m not naive that things could get much worse before they get better. We are incredibly fortunate, but all grief and pain is personal and can’t be un-felt just by understanding that others have it worse.

I started this blog to have some control over the story I tell about myself.


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